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Home work

Today im at my dads doing my work .

i enjoyed doing all of this and finishing it of before a week of doing it.

i did well at focusing on just on thing and keeping that focuse on my work.

i enproved on getting an nocth of my work done.

Today i learned about a vision board.

today i completed my vision board and peiced together some of my favourite characters that inspire me.  my vision board was about the things i like and the things i enjoy doing

i did well at getting a lot of work done it took alot of technical work im happy this is finished.

i improved on doing a lot of work with my parents and keeping myself focused on my vison board.

i enjoyed  getting myself another level up on my vison baord this took me a couple days to put together and did 10 pages long.




Today i did art at my house

i did well at picking  a cool art picture

i enproved on at doing a cool girlwith my dad

i enjoyed working with my dad on the art