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Designs Inquiry

This week for inquiry we had to create a design for a pencil case and a bookmark. We did this as we are going to make pur items for a gala in week 8.

I chose to make a warriors and all blacks becasue theyŕe my idols. My pencil case has a maori face design with an all blacks fern over the top. The boys will like this because the all balcks are currently playing in the world cup on Sunday at 6am against South Africa.

I enjoyed choosing the images for the pencil case.

I did well at picking the right photos for my pencil case.

I need to improve on learning how to use the adjustments easier.

Te Tiriti Inferring

In Inquiry we have been learning about the Treaty of Waitangi.  Today we made meaning of what happened using evidence from the pictures.

I enjoyed getting through a lot in this work

I did well at doing my backround and tilting it

I enproved on doing heaps and heaps of my work with miss white and miss tele,a